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Getting Started with Instant Page

This article is all about Instant page that improves user experience and fast loading time of your website

Arpan Juneja
Written by Arpan JunejaLast update 3 months ago
  1. Introduction to Intant Feature:

  • Improve your webpage's loading speed and enhance user experience effortlessly by prioritizing essential content loading when users hover over links.

    Loom Guidance Video:

    2. Enabling the Feature:

  • To activate this feature, simply navigate to our app.

  • Go to Speed Booster -> Instant Page.

  • Click on "configure" and enable the feature with just a single click.

    3. Comparing Loading Times:

  • With the feature disabled, observe the loading time when hovering over the product.

  • Note the duration, for instance, it might be 5.27 seconds.

  • Highlight how this longer loading time impacts user experience and page responsiveness.

    4. After Enabling the Feature:

  • Once the instant page feature is enabled, retest the loading time by hovering over the same product.

  • Highlight the decrease in loading time after enabling the feature.

  • Emphasize how this improvement contributes to a faster-loading webpage and enhances user experience significantly.
    Conclusion and Benefits:

  • By prioritizing essential content loading when users hover over links, this feature effectively boosts webpage speed.

  • Faster loading times translate to a smoother user experience, improving overall satisfaction and engagement.

    For any queries or assistance feel free to reach out to our Support

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